ood Shepherd Center’s Family Services Program conducts a needs assessment as soon as a family moves in, to ensure they have adequate support and are connected to proper community resources during their stay. While in the program, families have access to a wide range of support services and advocacy groups, parenting workshops, field trips, and holiday events. FSCP also has activities and services designed specifically for children, including vital academic and enrichment programs, such as one-on-one homework tutoring available to kids of all ages.  Weekly art groups and writing workshops for children, and other support groups are offered regularly. Operating out of the first floor of Farley House, Family Services aims to augment services and activities specifically for mothers, children and the family. The program coordinates and implements a wide range of offerings, including: support groups; educational programs; advocacy groups for the family; child care activities; and Life Skills and parenting workshops to help families address and overcome the effects and impact of homelessness.  Paramount in the multitude of offerings is a wide range of health and wellness programs that promote healthy living, while also helping children develop healthy bodies and strong minds to help them excel in school. Family Services facilitates programs concentrating on fitness, such as yoga classes for children as well as proper nutrition.  Groups focused on anger management, self-esteem, building resilience, dealing and understanding feelings, understanding living in a shelter, and improving social skills are common at Good Shepherd Center.

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