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fter emergency shelter, some women need additional assistance to transition to independent living. Part of our Women’s Village, Hawkes Residence provides 30 homeless women with private, furnished rooms.

Residents are required to have an income prior to moving in and pay a modest percentage for rent. Those women who are not employed must seek employment and are encouraged to further their education with the goal that they will find full-time work.

The curriculum at Hawkes is rigorous and all residents must be committed to rebuilding their lives by finding living wage employment and securing permanent housing. Like all of our programs, Hawkes provides the women with a genuine opportunity to improve their lives through case management services, Life Skills workshops and employment couseling, all provided in a loving, supportive environment.

Women at Hawkes Transitional Residence receive the following services:

  • Shelter in private, furnished rooms
  • Case management including assistance with finding long-term affordable housing and educational or vocational training
  • Employment services including computer training, job coaching, and placement
  • Counseling
  • Hawkes Residence provides housing for up to 30 women experiencing homelessness. These women are ready to improve their income through employment and education and must be committed to achieving stable, productive lives. Residents of Hawkes receive the following supportive services:
  • Shelter
    Residents are housed in comfortable private, furnished rooms.
    Residents are provided three meals a day.
  • Case Management
    Each resident must develop a personal plan for permanent housing and employment and is required to meet with her case manager at least every other week to track progress. Case managers assist the women with realizing their short and long-term goals and offer guidance and support along the way.
  • Job Development and Employment Services
    All Hawkes residents have access to Good Shepherd Center’s Employment Services Center, where they receive computer training, job coaching and placement assistance. In addition, they have the opportunity to work with our eight employment partners to assist with job placement. The women also have access to on-site training seminars and assistance with resume writing and interview preparation.
    Life Skills Training Workshops
    Residents of Hawkes gather once a month for classes which cover a variety of topics such as housing rights, stress management, budgeting, personal safety and other issues related to independent living.
  • Advocacy and Support for Family Reunification
    Case managers work with residents who have been separated from their children to develop a plan to reunite their families. For these women, the goal is to achieve financial stability and secure permanent housing so that they can provide long-term care and support for their children.
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